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Do Men Want up to now Smart Ladies?

Do Men Want up to now Smart Ladies?

A brand new dating guide examines ingrained gender roles in the present intimate landscape.

Published Feb 14, 2018

Each year releases data on American singles (not only those on, that the media gobbles up straight away. With almost 1 / 2 of the population that is american age 18 distinguishing as single/dating, wedding styles lead to great headlines. However the 2015 Singles in the us research was included with specially fanfare that is heavy ladies’ publications. We nevertheless keep in mind if this bit of research hit my desk, and I also leaned ahead a bit within my seat to see its apparently ink that is feminist.

After looking at the mating preferences greater than 5,000 gents and ladies by means of study,

Researcher and anthropologist that is biological Fisher, Ph.D., writes that people are seeing a “Clooney Effect” in this country — a nod towards the present wedding of America’s favorite bachelor, star George Clooney, to human being liberties attorney Amal Alamuddin. Continue reading Do Men Want up to now Smart Ladies?